Free Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping.  Both of these Directories of Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping
are Free.  Some other sites charge you a lot of money for the same information.
Top 10 Paid Surveys
We are having some difficult times in our economy with so many people looking for work.  One way of
making a little extra income is taking
Online Surveys.  All you need is a computer an a little bit of time to
get started.  
You should never have to pay to take any surveys and here we list some of the best free
surveys on the Internet.  Each day online surveys and becoming more popular and Market Research
companies are always looking for people to give their opinions on new products, existing products, new
services, entertainment, and opinions on just about everything.  
Market Research
companies are always
looking for new people
give their opinions on
new products as well as
existing ones.  You will
get chosen to do surveys
based on many factors
including: age, sex,
income level, single or
married, kids, what
restaurants you like, what
products you use and so
on.  You're not going to
get rich doing surveys,
this is just a way to make
a little extra income from
time to time.  Most
surveys take between 15
minutes up to a couple of
hours, and they pay
anywhere between $1.00
- $200.00 per survey.  The
higher paid surveys are
sometimes considered
'focus groups' where you
would meet with a group
of people to discuss your
opinions on whatever the
topic is of that group.  
Surveys are great for
people looking to do
something with their extra
time, so why not make a
few dollars?
Paid Surveys

Free Paid Surveys

Vindale Research
You could earn up to $75 for each survey taken - Earn Cash in the New Year
Survey Head
Your opinion matters! By carefully providing answers to market research surveys, you are personally helping to shape the business strategies of executives around the world. In exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward via PayPal
Get paid to take Online Surveys, to Read Emails, to refer friends, and even get paid to play games.
Inbox Dollars
Inbox dollars pays it's members to: sign up, read email, refer friends, complete offers, shop, play games, complete surveys, and more! We offer members $5 just to sign up!
American Consumer Opinion
Join people who get paid for sharing their opinions and ideas by answering online surveys. Win money in monthly drawings just for being a member. Win money in drawings when you fill out a screener (a short questionnaire). Get paid each time you complete a survey (a longer questionnaire).
Global Test Market
Get paid to influence the next generation of consumer services and products.
LightSpeed Research
By taking Lightspeed Panel surveys, you have the power to let companies know exactly what you think. Your opinions help develop new products and improve existing products. It's simple, fun, and free!
Welcome to Toluna! The site that lets you voice your opinion and learn what other people think! Register and get rewarded Tests products for free and share your opinions
Mind Field
As a MindField panel member, you have the unique opportunity to offer your opinions on a variety of important topics and receive cash incentives as well. Cash incentives for every survey completed.
USA Talk Now
Members participate in online surveys and focus groups to voice their opinion and earn points that can be redeemed for great prizes!