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Do you want to start your own website business and not sure
where to start?
Here is a  step by step how to get started.  
First step:  You have an idea so go with it, for under $20.00 per month you can
have your own website that you have full control over its content and design.
Second step:  You need a Domain name, this is a name you want to call your
website, and a place to host your site.
Here's a tip:  If you want your website to look professional, a great
logo helps a lot.  Check this company out.
Sure Logos
Now that you have your website up and running you want to make some
money with it.  Whatever idea you have there is always ways to
make money
with your site. The best way to do this is to sign up with some affiliate
program companies.  This step is the key to you making money.
affiliate networks
Extra:  Website Design and Software
Extra:  Email Marketing
Well that should get you started for now, as you go along more ideas
and other ways to make money will pop into your head.... Have fun and
make lots of money!!!
Create Your Own Website
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