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We are having some difficult times in our economy with so many people looking for
work.  One way of making a little extra income is taking
Online Surveys.  All you need
is a computer an a little bit of time to get started.

                   You should never have to pay to take any surveys!!
Market Research companies are always looking for new people give their opinions on
new products as well as existing ones.  You will get chosen to do surveys based on
many factors including: age, sex, income level, single or married, kids, what restaurants
you like, what products you use and so on.  You're not going to get rich doing surveys,
this is just a way to make a little extra income from time to time.  Most surveys take
between 15 minutes up to a couple of hours, and they pay anywhere between $1.00 -
$200.00 per survey.  The higher paid surveys are sometimes considered 'focus
groups' where you would meet with a group of people to discuss your opinions on
whatever the topic is of that group.  Surveys are great for people looking to do
something with their extra time, so why not make a few dollars?
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Paid Surveys
Free Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping.  Both of these Directories of
Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping are Free.  Some other sites charge you a lot of
money for the same information.

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Quick and easy ways to make money
from the comforts of your own home
On the next few pages you will learn some easy ways to make money, and here we list
some of the best free surveys on the Internet.  Each day online surveys and becoming
more popular and Market Research companies are always looking for people to give
their opinions on new products, existing products, new services, entertainment, and
opinions on just about everything.